donderdag 26 juli 2012

Shopping with my grandmother

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we went to Germany and we took my grandmother along with us.
I knew it was a bad idea from the start because I wanted to look around and find some new and inspirational things that would cure me from my disasters but no...

We mostly sat on terraces for drinking or in a dining establishment for eating...
It's all nice of course and I love to catch up with who died, who got sick or who ended up with her total leg in a plaster (my aunt) but I don't need to go to Germany for that.
I was also looking forward to finding things on sale that you can't find here (sales turn out not to be as good as here in Germany, only 50% off, never 70) but my grandmother wanted to check out H&M to buy something in the new collection for my kids... For christmas...

I love her to bits, I really do but I felt so tired afterwards...
I wonder if any of you ever have that?
With friends, family..?

The logical solution would have been to meet up with her after an hour (what my husband did with us, sneaky one...) so we could both look at what we wanted but it was her first time there, she didn't know the way and she didn't speak the language... She is also 75 so I would feel guilty leaving her behind.
So, weren't there any fun things, you might ask, to focus on?
Yeah, of course there were, she really moved me by buying the things for the children already and she payed for the food and drinks, which she didn't have to do but she kindly, but firmly, insisted.
She was also very chatty and seemed to be having a good time.

It made me wonder afterwards if I'm not to selfish..?
I was so focused on me, on what I wanted to find and where I wanted to look that I forgot to enjoy the moment and before I knew it the day was gone...

So, I think that my disaster yesterday was to not pay attention to what everyone else needed and remaining focused on what I wanted.
I promise to do better next time grandma, I really do.

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