zaterdag 25 augustus 2012

I noticed that my subject map on make-up was still blank and thought it was time for some action in there! Although I have to warn you that my routine is very simple in that area... 

When I was younger I experimented a lot with it but never got it right until my husband arranged a make-upsession with someone from YSL for my birthday.

He explained to me that eyeliner beneath your eyes pulls them down and makes you look tired, only a few people can pull it off to wear eyeliner only beneath the eye, most of us have to balance it out by wearing it on the lid of the eye as well. The other important thing that I learned is that using foundation (and in the right color tone for your skin) is very important, I am very pale and need a very light one but there are so many on the market that I've tried out a lot of them and the feeling always gave me goosebumps... It was too "present", in other words, I could always feel that I was wearing make-up and I hated that feeling because it made me feel fake.

But I found the solution in a BB cream from Garnier, what the real difference is (talking about ingredients) I'm not able to tell you but I can tell you that it feels natural. You put it on and it looks like it brings out the best of your skin and face. I really love this product and when I put it on, I don't need much more to look good. It doesn't really solve the bags under my eyes but I am still looking for a product for that, I've tried concealer but somehow it doesn't work for me, maybe I'm using it wrong?
Anyway, after the BB cream, I just put on a bit of blush (long search for finding the right color as well!), for me, the best is a mix of colors, the one I bought from YSL a few years ago was the best I ever had but they don't make them anymore and I now found a cheap alternative in one from a simple drugstore.

For my eyes I use a make-up base coat so it lasts longer, I use cheap make-up and it doesn't stay on very long without it... I put on a bit of eyeshadow, in a light beige and I draw a dark bleu line for eyeliner. I was always terrible with eyeliner and tried everything, anyone you can think of, I basically tried it... The best way, for me, is with an eye pencil, with the flat side, and then putting on a bit of eye powder in the color you like and draw a line, so easy and looks great, very easy to correct if your line is a bit crooked as well.

Then a lot of mascara, a bit of lipgloss and I'm ready!

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