donderdag 2 augustus 2012


Today we cleared the hallway, it was very necessary, but the weird thing is that we, people, have a way of adapting to circumstances...

We were almost unable to pass trough (my grandma was always scared that she would break a hip when she entered to pick up her grandchildren, this gives you an idea of how bad it looked...) but we adapted to it.
It was hard to get in and we hurt ourselves a couple of times but it never seemed to be enough to change it...

We got so used to it that we left it and kept busy with other things, things that occupied our minds more like: how are we going to pay our bills?
But what if the base of all the problems is that hallway? Or that overstuffed garage?
Or our basement that was filled with water (at least 30 cm high) because of heavy storms last winter?
I wonder... If a house is a reflection of who we are then we looked really crappy...

It's a bit like fashion... Fashion is (to me) about really speaking out who we are, we can make a statement, we can shout out to the world: "Look at me! Here I am! Like it or not, I don't care!", even if you are very shy or not very communicative, by what you wear people will know who you are.

Take a look at famous people, singers mostly, they really tell their fans about who they are by what they wear.
What they say is important as well, off course, but what they wear gets criticized just as much.
Remember Lady Gaga before she got famous?
Do you still know how much she got judged and commented on?
And now she is, basically, a hero!

People standing outside of concerts to see a glimpse of the person they admire, wearing the same kind of clothes, singing along with all the songs, telling them that they love them and want to marry them...
And by that last thing, I wonder... If I was that famous person, I would feel loved but so misunderstood... Because... You know the outside of that person but the inside, doesn't that count anymore..?

How can you know you love someone and what do you love about that person when it's someone famous? Is it a superficial love? Is it for fun? Do they just wanna sleep with them? And for what? For fame?

I remember an article in the paper a few years ago that was about a fan from Robbie Williams, she claimed that she had spent the night with him.
My first instinct was that it was true but why do you run to a paper to sell that story? Where is your love then?
Or was it the love for money and fame that was the reason all along?

It would drive me crazy, never knowing who your friends are, who loves you for you, who wants something from you, why is someone friendly..?
How do you handle that?
How do you live with that?

I could never sell someone out for money, money is a tool that helps you realize your dreams and, just like everyone else, I want lots of it, but I want it to get my mind of stupid things like: how am I gonna get a new dishwasher when I have no money?(ours broke down yesterday) and how much is it gonna cost me when a friend asks me to grab a bite.

I have faith in this life, this universe that feels so weird but it always helps me out when I can't see the end of the tunnel, when the sky seems to be filled with dark clouds and no silver lining, I believe, I hope and I love.

I love all those strange people that I don't know, have never seen before and will probably never see again.
I love them all for being who they are, in the best way they can.
I love them for the statements they make, even if I don't agree.

And maybe that is what drives us all...
We love someone to find ourselves, to find out what we want, what suits us, what makes us happy, what makes us who we are.

And the best thing is... We can change it whenever we want.
It's like putting on a new outfit, we can do it every week, every day, every hour or every minute.
We can try a different model, a different color or a different size.

Keep trying till something fits and keep believing that what you are searching for is in store, I'm sure you'll find it, just like I will.

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