dinsdag 11 september 2012


I have been getting a few compliments about my style and even my hair, and people often ask me why I call myself a "fashion disaster" because they think that I look very well.
Off course I am very flattered with this kind of compliments and I feel like I ow everybody a bit of explaining about why I chose the name "fashiondisaster".
When I was younger I dressed very boyish and I always chose things that nobody else was wearing.
I remember that I was begging my father in a shop to buy me a men's shirt (striped in red, bleu and white) but he thought I was crazy, it was a men's shirt, too big and he hated the colors. I loved it and a friendly gent (who was fitting clothes next to us) stood up for me. He told my dad that it was absolutely cool for a young girl, a big shirt and that he should let me have it. I was very grateful for his interruption because it got me the shirt.

My dad always told me that I was weird in my fashion and at school I also got a lot of bullying because I dressed differently.
One day I went to school with a long vest that looked just like an Indian one, with a hood and all, when I arrived at my class, half the group started laughing.
I always acted like I didn't care but it was hard, I didn't fit in and spent a lot of time with the "geeks" from the class.
They were always more mature, they read books, told interesting things about computers and Syfy things and I felt more at home there.
There was a guy who still wore t-shirts from The Simpsons (we were 14) and he really got teased about it but it looked pretty cool because it was so contrary.
He was a total computer nerd and his way of thinking was very different from other people.
My best girlfriend at that time wore orange and purple pants, she was very hippie-like and smart. Nobody liked her (she was chubby as well and got teased for that a lot) because she was considered to be weird.
My favorite jacket at that time was a black one and completely hairy, everybody hated it, except my grandmother who helped me in my clothes and being different. She didn't mind when I wore pants with elephant pipes or one that was made out of pieces of different jeans. When family complained about the clothes she stood up for me and told them that they shouldn't be so negative.

My father was the most negative of all and he never liked anything of what I wore.
It was frustrating to never get a compliment and it made me have a low self-esteem and a quit attitude where I minded my own business and kept myself happy with reading, writing, listening to music and drawing.

I started to rebel (like most teenagers) but it had a bad effect on me because I didn't take care of myself anymore and so I never learned how to do my make-up, I didn't even know what conditioner was...
When I met my husband I slowly learned what all the beauty products were for.
I must confess that I didn't have a mother anymore, since I was eight, and normally she teaches you a lot of this stuff but I didn't have that. My father's girlfriend never made any effort and I grew up between men and what did they know about it? Exactly, nothing.

So, that's the reason that I chose to call myself a "Fashiondisaster" and actually I wear that name with pride because I hope that one day this blog can be a light in the darkness for other girls, girls who have trouble with curling their hair (like me) or who still wonder what the difference is between a day cream and a night cream.
There are are still a lot of things that I don't know about and I want to write down everything I find, learn and read, even when it goes wrong (like orange hair) so every girl can feel good about herself and that she can be proud of who she is, always.

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