zaterdag 8 september 2012

Make it worth fighting for

We went to Antwerp today and the weather was so nice and this scenery screamed for a picture.
I was wearing a long skirt from Mexx, an H&M top and Sandals from Zenkali.
The bracelets are also from H&M and the earrings were a gift from my grandmother.

You can clearly see here that my hair hasn't changed much after my visit to the hairdresser... Such a shame because hairdressers aren't cheap and I was in there for 6 (!) hours, my children had a haircut as well and it is a salon where they don't work on appointment, so they didn't spent 6 hours on only me (I think it was about 2,5), but still, it was tiring.

We also came across this and I thought it was so cute and inspiring that I wanted to share.
Don't ask me what it is exactly, I'm guessing a little house but why it was there or what the purpose was... Beats me.

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