donderdag 27 september 2012

Color advise

I took an online course on color advise, I'm not convinced because the pictures they used in the course were pretty rubbish but I don't want to keep it from you so here is what I've learned:

They divided the colors in four types to have a clear view about them, you can be:

- A wintertype
- A summer type
- A springtype
- A fall type

A wintertype has deep contrasting eyes, they are dark brown or grey-bleu.
The hair is usually very dark: dark brown or black, also grey or silver-gray is possible.
The skin is grey/beige, pink-colored, olive-colored, deep and dark tones (Spanish-Italian types) or exotic brown.

If you recognize yourself in this then your best colors are dark, cool and clear.

Good combination-colors are:

* Black and cobalt-bleu
* Black and bright-red
* Black and fuchsia
* Dark-grey and purple
* Navy-bleu and white
* Dark-brown (very dark) and grey-beige

A summer type is a soft and light type.
Hair color, eyes and skin are in harmony.
The eyes are bleu, grey-bleu, grey-green.
The hair is light (white) blond, grey-brown, ash-color.
And has a clear pink skin, pale, transparent with light summer freckles.

If you recognize yourself in this then your best colors are light, cool and soft.

Your combinations are the best when they are from the same color in different tones (ton-sur-ton).

Good combinations are:

* Heavenly-bleu and soft-bleu
* Light-grey and bleu-grey
* Soft-purple and lila
* Grey-green and grey-brown
* Mouse-grey and light-yellow
* Jeans-bleu and broken-white
* Lila and pink
* Aubergine and grey-pink

A fall type is a soft and dark type.
The eyes are gold-brown, hazel, brown-green or light-green.
The hair is dark-brown, golden-brown, red-brown or coper.
Your skin should be dark-beige, gold-beige or gold-brown often with freckles.

If this sounds like you then your best colors are dark, warm and muted.

Good color-combinations for you are:

* Moss-green and ocher-yellow
* Bordeaux and old-pink
* Petrol-bleu and orange
* Rusty-brown and olive-green
* Stone-brown and ecru
* Brown and khaki

A spring type is a contrasting light type.
Hair-color, eyes and skin are contrasting.
The eyes are bright-green, bleu, light-brown.
Your hair is light-blond, golden-blond or golden-brown.
Your skin is creamy, yellow-beige, peach-color or golden-beige.

If this sounds like you then your best colors are light, warm and contrasting.

Good combination-colors for you are:

* Orange-red and kanarie-yellow
* Turquoise and lime-green
* Chocolate-brown and salmon-pink
* Purple in different bright tones
* Red and ecru
* Rusty-brown and yellow-orange
* Grass-green and heavenly-bleu

According to this I should be a summer-type and my husband should be a spring-type but we both feel that it is incorrect... How is yours? Let me know your thoughts please.

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