vrijdag 5 oktober 2012


Do you know the feeling when you buy something new, let’s say a jacket, and you are really thrilled about it but the next day you find it somewhere else but so much cheaper then what you paid?
It happened to me a few times and every time I felt really gutted and guilty because I had paid too much.
When I searched the Internet for a solution to this problem (you have sites to tell you where your groceries are the cheapest, why wouldn’t there be one for fashion, right?) I found one big site that originated in Germany but is busy concurring the Netherlands as well. It’s called: STYLIGHT and you can find it here: www.stylight.nl.

What I find so great about it is that it integrates a lot of online sites together, making it possible to compare prices, but you also do mayor findings in online stores that you never heard of before.

But I do think that the most incredible thing about the whole site is that it was founded by, don’t fall from your chair, four bakers!
These guys right here:

Unbelievable, I know.
They came up with the idea because every possible thing you can think of has a “search platform”, except fashion.
They came up with that whilst they were eating cupcakes!
The sugar did them good because they started in 2008 and already got tons of awards for the technologies they used and, off course, for coming up with the idea, amongst them was an award for “the most innovative companies in Europe in 2010”.

All I can say is, check it out and be surprised!
You’ll love it (maybe all the hearts have something to do with that).

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