woensdag 31 oktober 2012

Body types part 2

Today I want to talk about "the filled type" (I didn't come up with these names, the book did).

This is you:

You are guided by your instincts what allows you to react loosely and without problems on your fellows.
The filled type is very interested in people and reacts with a lot of love and is very empathic.
Because you have such a positive attitude, you often choose a job in social work.
And in your spare time you are dedicated to helping people in need, trough (for example) charity work.

You have a strong impulse to help others but sometimes you should listen more to your intuition, not everyone means as well as you do. Watch out that people don't take advantage of you.
Try to narrow it down to the people you like and love, when you need something they'll be equally helpful as you, and it gives you more time for for your own needs...

...like sports.
You hate jogging because it is so monotonous... But you need a bit of sport so why not invest in a fitness subscription, together with your girlfriends?
This way you'll have fun, being social, and sporting at once.
It will be a joy to go, and, it will keep you motivated.

Food that's good for you:

Fruits like pineapple, melon and berries are perfect for you.
You can never eat enough vegetables.
You love cream and spiced foods but they make your estrogen production go trough the roof... So, be careful with those!

The perfect outfit:

Your basics should be black and white because they are perfect to adjust your figure.
When you want to be sensual go for a leopard printed shirt, red lips and a scent of jasmine.
(I don't really agree with the leopard printed shirt, is that just me..?)
When you want to look amazing and slender invest in long necklaces and semi-high heels.

Your body-type:

The filled type has a classic female body with lush curves.
Extra pounds land on your belly, upper-legs and buttocks first.
You often have allergies en symptoms of fatigue.

Your muscles are easy to develop, especially your leg ones, it's harder to get your upper body in shape.

You have a slender upper-body and a heavier lower-body.
You have a great waste, your hips and buttocks are lush.

Red is a great color for you, don't cast it aside, combine it with black for a slender effect.
Don't be afraid to be noticed!
What other people can't wear because it looks "too much", you can make it look magical, thanks to your figure.
Remember Marilyn Monroe?
That's you!

The book says you should choose clothes that are loose but I disagree with that, I think you should combine.
Like a pants that fits really well around your buttocks (think J.Lo) and a loose top on top of it, that you tuck in a tiny bit (and when you combine that with a long necklace and high heels... I think that would look amazing!)
This way you cover up your belly and shine a light on your assets.
Maybe you don't think that your buttocks or thighs are an asset but believe me, they are!
look up some pictures of Beyonce, how sexy is she?

Always be sure to show off your waist, you can do this by using a big or wide belt, or trough a slightly centered shirt.

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