zondag 7 oktober 2012

Very excited about my first guest blogger! The very lovely Chelsea Knuth, enjoy!

Hey, everyone! For those who don’t know me, my name is Chelsey Knuth and I run a fashion blog called “A Second Love for All.” It focuses primarily on creating unique looks with inexpensive pieces found at thrift stores! However, there is another aspect of my life that is even more important to me than my love for fashion, and that is water skiing. From May until October, I spend as many days as I can slaloming and wakeboarding both recreationally near my house, and building pyramids while performing with a nationally ranked water ski show team called Badgerland. Since I do love fashion and beauty so much, it is always a high priority of mine to stay pretty both on and off the water! Here are a few products I have to stay in style on skis!

Our stereotypical beauty look for competitions includes bright red lipstick, glitter eye shadow, and black cat eyes. I’m currently wearing Beyonce’s Red lip stick by L’OrĂ©al Paris, Cover Girl volumizing black mascara, and someone else’s eyeliner and glitter, so no specifics. Whoops! As terrible as this sounds, we actually apply hair spray over our eye make-up to make it last longer (through sweat and water). What?! Yeah, it’s true! We also apply hair spray to our hair. Our signature hairstyle is an upside-down fishtail covered by a messy bun.

While performing, we have bright, shiny costumes, so it’s really important that our entire look is eye-catching, too! This is the ideal (I’m in the middle):

As a skier, I go through swimsuit like nobody’s business! And while they all become gross and grimy after a while, it’s still extremely important to pick flattering, unique suits that make you feel confident! This one is a really flattering mix of pink shades:

Finally, I need some reliable, pretty skis and boards to support me!

Thanks for reading and best wishes!

Chelsey Knuth.

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