dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

Body Types

A few days ago I found back a book (I'm still cleaning), that I bought years ago and it holds a lot of useful tips on how to dress for your body type.

If you don't mind I'll start with my own, the very skinny one.
I know I am the envy of all those girls and woman who are on a constant diet, and I know not a single one of them will believe this but it isn't that much fun to be as skinny as I am.
People always assume that I am anorectic (which I'm not, never have been), also I always have problems with finding a pants that fits (sounds weird right?).
Most of the time the waist from the biggest kiddy-size is the right one but then the legs of the pants are too short.
So, I have a few brands that I know about that the smallest size fits but it are just a few and since I love bargains It's not always that easy (luckily, you'd say, vintage pants are very tight but they are too tight...).

If you are "The slender type", like me, then this is you:

Deep in your heart you are very romantic, you often think the daily life isn't colorful enough.
You solve that problem by using your imagination, you live in your own world and this makes it possible for you to stay concentrated when everything else is in chaos.
This is something that serves you very well in your job.

The people you love are very important to you , the ones that are the closest to you will know your every mood and feeling while outsiders will often think of you to be introvert or reserved.
You are sensitive -especially with your head- so you often miss out on the signals your body is giving you.

Sport isn't your thing, being in a gym and sweating isn't something that appeals to you.
When you do decide to follow a fitness-program you often have to speak firmly to yourself to convince yourself to go.

The keyword for you is: nutrition.
Food, to you, is often a periodic phenomenon, for me that is certainly true... When I get closer to my menstruation I take on an all-chocolate diet and I know it's not good for me but... I just need it.
I have horrible periods where I get depressed and feel really sorry for myself, chocolate is the best remedy. Well, chocolate and feel-goodmovies.

Figure type and body shape:

You are slender, you have long and slender limbs and you are small.
If you have this type of figure you can keep this teenage-body up to an high age (I can testify about that, I'm 26 and people still think I'm 16).

You have soft bones, developing muscles is hard and your upper-body and hips are equally wide.
Your waist is long and little pronounced.
You have small hands and feet but often a relatively big head.

Your best colors:

A lot depends on your color-type (you can read about that in one of my earlier topics) and your mood but in general you can wear all colors with this body-type.
The one thing that looks very good on you is Happy Colors!
Go for bright red, pistachio green, cobalt bleu, lemon yellow, turquoise or orange orange.

All powerful and happy colors (don't wear them with black but rather go for a ton-sur-ton, black is too hard) that make sure that you are noticed, that you look taller and very distinguished.
If you have a pale skin, like me, bright colors can be too hard on your face.
The best way to solve that is to get a little tan with a self tanner.

What clothes should I wear?

If you are looking for someone famous to be your role-model then Katherine Hepburn is your lady!
Everything that looked good on her will look good on you.

Some ground rules:

- the empire line will make you look taller, this is when the waist is higher then usual, you can find this in jackets, pants and dresses.

- skirts that look dowdy on other types will look great on you, for example: plaided skirts in college style with on top a twinset.
The A line in skirts looks amazing on you!
It's when the skirt falls in an A kind of shape, you can find pictures on the internet, the skirt falls just above your knees.

- You can wear almost anything just watch out that you don't wear things that make you look smaller (I'm only 1m64 so I really have to be careful about that), don't wear three quarter pants or leggings of that kind, it will make your legs look shorter.
Always wear short jackets, preferably one that you button up just bellow your breasts, this makes you look longer.

- When you buy sweaters go for the small kind that is fitting.
You know, the extremely comfortable ones, the baggy ones where you can crawl up in and disappear... I have a few of those myself (wearing one right now, in musterd-yellow, knitted in grandma style) and they are so cozy. I'm keeping them.
So feel free to break a rule or two yourself if you don't like the advise that is written here.

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