donderdag 11 oktober 2012


Hi everyone!

I am so excited, I still can't believe it...
We went to Antwerp yesterday and I found a new hairdresser, they are called "Yes!", sounds promising right? But I, of course, still had doubts... After all the recent hair-disasters, can you blame me?
But I decided to go in and first ask (!) if they could help me before I got something done, my husband told me that I should only get in the chair if I'd really get a good feeling with it.
Without knowing, I got the highest in rank there, and she just looked me straight in the eyes and said very firm: "of course we can, It's no a coincidence that we are called: Yes!".
And from that moment, I trusted her, blindly.

When I got in the chair she couldn't believe that my previous hairdresser had let me walk out the salon like that, when she inspected the back of my hair she found spots of different colors all over (I never saw, It's my back...) and she was stunned. I felt so understood! Everybody kept telling me that my hair looked great (and that was very sweet and all meant so well) but I could really tell that it was crap...

She got started and it was like she could read my mind... She made my hair darker, making it match to my skin color, how long had I been looking for a hairdresser giving me advice? And she did it, without me even asking! She knew I wanted it blond but she didn't recommend going all blond because it would be too much, so she suggested highlights but all very natural.
She saw a picture of Jennifer Lopez and told the trainee that it should look like that, I loved it and it was the hair I always wanted (come on people, Jennifer Lopez).
Even tough she let the trainee do al the coloring I felt completely save because she kept checking up on her work, correcting where she needed, before something went wrong!
I felt so well looked after that I could completely relax and really had a wonderful time at the hairdresser, reading magazines and drinking tea (they keep asking if you want to drink something, not just once).

And the best part was when I had to pay, you won't believe this...
For coloring, highlights, washing (with conditioner and a head-massage!), cutting, brushing and drying I paid... 73 euro's!

Here is their price-list:

Dry-cutting and finishing: 15,-
Washing, cutting and finishing: 20,-
Brushing: 20,-
Washing, cutting and finishing: 35,-
Mask-treatment (including a Wella mask that is worth 15,- to use at home): 15,-
Color shampoo or semi-coloring: 20,-
Up to 10 highlights: 20,-
All-you-can-color (unlimited coloring and highlights): 39,-

They have a website and are located all over the world so if you want to find one near you go to:

Why are you still behind your computer? Get your but over there! And enjoy.

P.S: you get a popsicle afterwards and they must be really good because our dog stole them out of my purse and ate them... I got two, one for me and one for my husband. The looked so good, shaped in a heart... I'll get one next time.

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